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What is marketing?

“Consumers are too smart too smart today,.. When everything is a click away, we’re just not going to give you our attention because it’s important to you!” – Seth Godin

cb-podcast-coverWhat is marketing?

Is it a process of gathering as much money as you can, throwing it to the “creative” winds, and hoping something will come back?
Is it a practice of interrupting as many people as possible with a message they don’t care about, and never asked to receive?
Is it a performance you frantically stage around your product, service, or idea, in the final moments before launching it into the world?

Or is it something else entirely? And if it is, how and when do we employ it?

A Couple of great quotes:
Seth Godin on When You Should Start Marketing Your Product, Service, or Idea
Seth Godin’s definition of marketing

Seth: Well the easy answer is that it’s not advertising. A lot of people have trouble right there because for fifty years it was advertising.

the purest form of marketing starts from scratch and that if you are an ad agency, your big win is to let your clients have you sit in on the product development meetings. Then you can help them design products that don’t need advertising, but if all you are going to do is sit there and wait for them to bring their average stuff, you’ve made your job much harder.

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