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The Importance of Online Digital Video


Content is still king but video content is taking the spotlight

On numerous accessions when discussing online marketing with clients I will always bring up the importance of online digital video. Digital video is one of, if not the most consumed content online. People watch more video online now than ever before.

According to Adobe ‘s U.S. Dig­i­tal Video Bench­mark Report for 2012, they uncovered some inter­est­ing trends; 15.6 billion video streams in Q2 2012, by Q4 of 2012 video views on mobile devices grew 300% from the previous year, Facebook visitors were twice as likely to comment, like or share content that include video,.. There is also some great information about successful advertising placement in videos.

Tamara Gaffney: “As more TV and sports broad­cast­ers are mak­ing pro­grams avail­able via mobile devices and offer­ing live con­tent to their sub­scribers, the storm of avail­able con­tent and con­sumers demand­ing it has led to the growth of video con­tent across all devices, par­tic­u­larly tablets and smart­phones. Our U.S. Dig­i­tal Video Bench­mark Report for 2012 uncov­ered some inter­est­ing trends.


TV Every­where video con­tent, which grants access to encrypted con­tent through sub­scriber authen­ti­ca­tion, has grown over 12x year-over-year (YoY) in 2012. The hockey stick growth curve is due par­tially to major sport­ing events and par­tially to the increased adop­tion by afflu­ent, tech savvy tablet device users. Mobile view­er­ship accounts for over 70% of the TV Every­where views.  Read More >

Take a look at the video below and then download Adobe ‘s U.S. Dig­i­tal Video Bench­mark Report for 2012