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Updating Your Website – When To Do It

As soon as you have your website up and running, you already have a fantastic business marketing tool. However, this site’s usefulness is only as good as its content. If you have updated content always, then you will continue on getting the attention of your target audience through your site.

The system you follow in making sure that your site content is always updated and current is known as website maintenance. This is very critical for web marketing because you have to be on your toes when it comes to supplying fresh information not just to your site visitors, but also to search engines, which are responsible for your ranking. Just as you maintain the excellent performance of your car, you also need regular maintenance of your website to ensure that everything will operate efficiently.

Regular maintenance of your website will make your clients and prospects check it out time and time again to see if you are offering something new. These websites will also be seen as regulars in the queue of search engines and will be visited regularly by them. However, to ensure that all these happen, you have to update your site as much as you can. Remember that if search engines will not find something new during their visits, there is a tendency that they will stop visiting you. This will definitely be huge blow for your rankings.

How do you know when to do some updates on your website? Also keep in mind that tinkling with your site when you do not even have anything fresh or valuable to add is just time, money and effort wasted. So, your website should only be updated if you:

– Have added to your services or products or did an expansion to their line-up.

If you have something new to offer, update your site with this and let your target market know.

– Have developed a new set of skills or have added to them.

This could be when you have acquired new accreditation for your business or if you as a proprietor have gotten a new license. Skills enhancements through studies and training could also call for a site update. You would want your clients and prospects to learn of your new skill set, as this could potentially make them want to do business with you more.

– Have gathered additional testimonials.

Testimonials posted on your website show social proof and boost your business’ credibility, so ensure to obtain one from each client that you had a successful business experience with. Regular updates to your testimonials will prove to your prospects and clients that all your offers are reliable.

– Have successfully completed a business project.

As soon as you are done with a project, then add it onto your site. Develop a web page on your site where you can showcase all your completed projects. Whether it is in form of a case study or an online portfolio, it is good to show your prospects and clients what you have done so far.

– Have completed a new article you wish to share online.

Keep the flow of information you provide your clients and prospects steady. Do this by writing fresh and useful articles always and posting them when they are done. This does not only ensure that your site is updated regularly, it also draws in search engines which work well for your rankings. Just make sure that your articles have relevant keywords and are of high quality always.

– Have to do your annual site check-up.

Basic annual check-ups should be done of your website. This is to ensure that everything contained in your site is up to date. Among the things you need to update yearly are your offers, links, copyright statements, time references and pricing.

Any change or update that you do to your site should be highlighted. This is to catch the attention of your target audience who might be looking for something new in your website. Remember that no matter the reason, you really should go for the regular maintenance of your site or else there is a possibility of your clients and prospects forgetting that you do exist. Keeping your site updated always will not only bring better rankings in search engines, it will also generate more leads and sales for your business.

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