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Updating Your Website – When To Do It

As soon as you have your website up and running, you already have a fantastic business marketing tool. However, this site's usefulness is only as good as its content. If you have updated content always, then you will continue on getting the attention … [Continue reading]

Graphic Design Trends in 2011

Change is inevitable and in some cases, absolutely essential, especially when it is positive. Graphic designs and designers are known for the various changes they incorporate into website designs to make it more attractive and appealing to the … [Continue reading]

A few Good Creative Men

[Continue reading]

Dropbox is the simplest, coolest, BEST file storage/sharing/synchronization tool I’ve ever used!

Just spent most my afternoon getting everything ready, cleaned up, backed up, etc. for my big move to Dropbox. So far everything has worked perfectly and it is much better than any sync/backup software I've ever used. You can work right in the … [Continue reading]

Hand-Drawn Designs

It seems we are seeing an increase in the "hand-drawn" design technique being used in almost all areas of design from print & web design to Font designs. Some of them I don't really care for, but others are very well thought out and work well. I … [Continue reading]

Video from Jeff Bezos about Amazon and Zappos

Pretty cool video from the founder of Amazon. Four simple ideas... … [Continue reading]

Keeping It Real – Six Pixels of Separation.

What are these digital channels really all about? Following is the first of six online videos we (the team at Twist Image) created in conjunction with the September release of the book, Six Pixels of Separation. Feel free to watch and share it (if … [Continue reading]

Does every blog post deserve a response?

One of the many blogs I occasionally read is I say occasionally because over the years I've came across so many good blogs that interest me, and have waaay too many in my Google reader. I would have to spend days to read all of them, … [Continue reading]

A new logo for 316 Design

I know the category "Web 2.0" is almost a thing of the past, or should I say, and really in my opinion, has become the new standard. When "web 2.0" was becoming popular, we saw a whole flood of cool logos created, launched and categorized as Web 2.0. … [Continue reading]

I’ve been busy designing, building and launching some new websites

We've been pretty busy over at 316 Design the last couple of months designing, building and launching 11 new websites. Sometime last year I started using WordPress and to say it has been great would be an understatement. WordPress is a … [Continue reading]