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What is marketing?

“Consumers are too smart too smart today,.. When everything is a click away, we’re just not going to give you our attention because it’s important to you!” – Seth Godin What is marketing? Is it a process of gathering as much money as you can, throwing it to the “creative” winds, and hoping something will […]

Should I be Freelancer or Entrepreneur?

Freelancer – “People pay you money and you do the work. If you don’t do the work, people don’t pay you.” Entrepreneur – “Build businesses bigger than yourself,.. That you might sell or take public one day.” Earwolf – “Seth Godin is a thought leader in the marketing and business world. In this rare live […]

Does every blog post deserve a response?

One of the many blogs I occasionally read is I say occasionally because over the years I’ve came across so many good blogs that interest me, and have waaay too many in my Google reader. I would have to spend days to read all of them, let alone join in the conversation. So I […]